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What's DIY Solar System

DIY Solar system, i.e. Do-It-Yourself solar system, means that we purchase solar PV panels, storage batteries, inverters and other components according to our own needs and actual situation, and follow certain design and installation steps to build a complete solar power system by ourselves. This approach allows users to customize the system according to their budget, space, and power needs to achieve the best cost performance and energy utilization.

Why choose the DIY way to build a solar system

diy solar high autonomy

High autonomy

The DIY approach allows users to choose and customize according to their own needs and actual situation, and is not limited to the standard products on the market, which provides a higher degree of autonomy.

diy solar Cost-effectiveness


By purchasing and building on their own, users can control costs more accurately, avoid unnecessary waste, and realize higher cost-effectiveness.

Enhance the sense of experience

Enhance the sense of experience

the DIY process itself is a learning and experiential process, in which users can gain a deeper understanding of the principles and components of the solar energy system and enhance their knowledge and interest in new energy sources.

Sustainable development

Sustainable development

With the development of technology and the maturity of the market, the threshold of DIY Solar is gradually lowered, and more and more people are choosing this way to build their own solar energy systems, promoting the popularization of new energy and sustainable development.

Required components and accessories

solar panels

solar panels




solar charge controller

tray cable

Tray Cable



inverter cable

Inverter cable



AC Appliances

AC Appliances

Complete DIY solar kits for different scenarios

Our selection of high-quality, complete solar kits helps you quickly build an easy-to-install solar system!

Tutorials for DIY Solar systems

Learn more about the specialized knowledge of DIY solar systems

Getting Started with DIY Solar

Provides a comprehensive beginner's guide to DIY solar energy, helping readers learn about solar technology from the ground up, choose the right equipment, complete the system installation, and master the skills of post-use and maintenance.

Solar System Design and Planning

An in-depth discussion of the key steps and considerations in solar energy system design and planning, through the reading of this article, readers can have a comprehensive understanding of the process and key points of solar energy system design and planning, providing a useful reference for the successful implementation of solar energy projects

Solar Module Buying Tips

Purchasing solar modules requires comprehensive consideration of several factors, including performance parameters, brand selection, price comparison and so on. Only by mastering these purchasing skills, we can purchase cost-effective, reliable quality solar modules, so that diy solar energy system benefits better!

Solar Panel Connection and Testing

The connection and testing of solar panels is an indispensable part of solar system construction. Through proper connection and scientific testing techniques, you can ensure that the performance of your solar system is stable, safe and reliable. To ensure the successful operation of Diy solar system.

DIY Solar System Encapsulation and Protection

This article will guide you on how to provide an effective encapsulation for your solar energy system to withstand external factors such as harsh weather, dust and dirt, as well as introduce the necessary protective measures to ensure long-term stable operation of the system.

DIY Solar System Installation and Commissioning

Provide a detailed guide to the installation and commissioning of solar energy systems for DIY enthusiasts. We will start from the system selection, installation steps, wiring methods, commissioning skills, etc., for your detailed analysis of DIY solar system installation and commissioning process.

Maintenance Points for Diy Solar System

DIY solar systems provide a clean, sustainable source of energy for homes, but proper maintenance is essential to ensure their long-term stability. This article takes an in-depth look at the essentials of DIY solar system maintenance, including regular inspections, cleaning PV panels, checking cable connections, monitoring battery status, and optimizing system performance. Learn how to perform basic solar system maintenance on your own to extend the life of your system!