TOPBULL Brand Story

Chasing Freedom in Sunlight

Every TOPBULL product is the start of an off-grid adventure, a companion for your solo pursuit of sunshine. Founded in 2021, we are an up-and-coming consumer-grade new energy company dedicated to providing small off-grid solar power products and accessories to users worldwide. We redefine the off-grid lifestyle, bringing the warmth of modern technology to your outdoor experiences.

Our Vision

At TOPBULL, we harbor a dream filled with sunshine and freedom — a dream where everyone can independently and freely follow the sun, feeling the warmth of clean, renewable energy wherever they go. We envision a world without constraints and limitations, and our products are designed to bring this dream to life.

Our Mission

At TOPBULL, we are committed to providing rock-solid energy support for off-grid lifestyles. Whether it's RV adventures, camping escapades, or long-haul truck journeys, our solar solutions offer a continuous source of power, allowing you to experience the convenience of advanced technology even in the remotest places.

Our Core Values

Freedom to Explore: We encourage people to pursue a more liberated life, gradually disconnecting from traditional energy dependencies and moving towards a more independent off-grid direction.

Reliability as a Rock: TOPBULL products are the steadfast backbone of your off-grid life. We strive for excellence in reliability, ensuring you have power when you need it most.

Environmental Responsibility: Understanding the close connection between off-grid living and nature, we pledge to base our products on environmental responsibility, injecting fresh energy into every corner of the Earth.