Solar Panel Size Calculator

The Off-Grid Solar System Sizing Calculator helps you properly size the solar power system you need by making sizing recommendations based on the average amount of sunlight received over a period of time. For additional security and peace of mind, you may want to consider sizing your system a little larger than the calculator suggests - or adding a backup generator. Note that the calculator is an estimate and should be used as a guideline. It is recommended that you contact a professional solar installer to determine a solar sizing solution.

Solar System Size

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How To Use The Calculator

This solar sizing calculator is very simple to use. It is designed to help users estimate the amount of power they need from their solar system in order to meet specific electricity needs. Here are the steps on how to use it:

  • Enter the Daily Electricity Requirement:
    In the input box labeled "Daily Electricity Demand (kWh):", enter the amount of power (in kilowatt-hours) you will need each day. This value should be based on the average daily power consumption of all electrical equipment in your home or business.
  • Enter the average number of sunshine hours:
    In the "Average Sunshine Hours (per day):" input box, enter the average number of hours of sunlight your area receives per day. This number can be obtained by looking up local weather data or consulting a solar expert.
  • Enter the peak sunshine hours:
    In the "Peak Sun Hours (per day):" input box, enter the number of hours of peak sunlight per day in your area. This is usually the period when the sun's radiation is strongest and most suitable for generating electricity. Again, this value will need to be determined based on local meteorological conditions.
  • Enter the system efficiency:
    In the "System Efficiency (%):" input box, enter the percentage efficiency of your projected solar system. This value depends on a number of factors, including the type of solar panels, the efficiency of the inverter, and the maintenance status of the system. Typically, a typical solar system's efficiency may range from 70% to 85%.
  • Click Calculate:
    Click the "Calculate" button, and the calculator will calculate the required solar system power (in kilowatts) based on the data you have entered and displayed below.
  • View the results:
    Once the calculation is complete, you can see the required solar system power on the page. This number will help you choose the right number and configuration of solar panels to meet your power needs.
Solar Size Calculator

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